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Hi, I’m Scott Kolb.

I understand how it feels to be surrounded by debt.

Feeling stuck in your situation, worried about what lies ahead, and embarrassed to ask for help.

I get it. Money is personal.

However, I also know that any time we try to make a change in our life, it can seem impossible – until we take that first step, achieve that first victory, and slowly start to realize what our lives could be like when you’re on the other side of your problems.

Overcoming debt and achieving financial peace is possible. 

If I could do it, I know you can too, and I’d like to help.

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Several years ago, after a job change and a decline in income, I relied on credit cards to help meet my financial needs. After accumulating around $60,000 in debt from student loans, car loans, and credit card expenses, I decided I had finally had enough. Determined to change our situation, I sought help through programs like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, and within a couple of years of following the steps, I successfully eliminated our financial debt. Today my wife and I live in financial peace, with a surplus of funds for expenses and emergencies, which has given me the freedom to pursue my own business and help others find financial freedom too.

Which is why for over two decades, first working as a mortgage broker and now as a Ramsey Master Financial Coach, I’ve assisted hundreds of individuals through financial coaching to improve their debt profile, save for a down payment, and overcome their financial challenges. To share the good news that it’s possible for you to escape the dark cloud that looms over your life and achieve financial freedom.

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As a first time home buyer, Scott was great at taking us through the whole process and making sure we were prepared every step of the way.

Dana W.

Scott was great to work with and went above and beyond in order to get our time crunch closing done. He communicated throughout the process so we were aware of and understood everything that was happening. He was readily available whenever we needed him. We would definitely recommend Scott and his team! Thanks again!!!

Ashley M.

Scott was really timely with answering questions and really walked us through the process!

Rachel J.

3 Steps To Financial Freedom

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Find encouragement and learn new money management skills as we walk through the steps together on your path to achieving financial peace.

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Enjoy life and experience the freedom that comes when you are no longer imprisoned by debt and are in control of your finances.